Ways to Learn

Our size and structure allow for a range of ways to learn at Alcove.  Small classes are a staple.  But we also have the staff/student ratio to offer individual tutoring and test prep.  Here's a full menu of the educational formats available.

Elective Classes

Small group courses inspired by member interest, organized by Alcove, and led by core staff and/or volunteers.  There are usually around 16 of these up and running at any given time.  

Independent Study

A lot of academic work at Alcove is solo research supervised by our core staff.  If you want to learn chemistry on your own, we'll help you find the right resources and check in with you regularly.


Short-term "crash courses" in special skills, arts, or academic subjects, open to the whole Alcove community, and typically led by established professionals from LA at large.  

Tutoring & Test Prep

Sometimes students just need a teacher to walk them through a tough subject.  It can also be useful to have a dedicated tutor when you're studying for tests like the SAT, ACT, or GED.


If no one has the knowledge you need to learn a subject, one of us will literally learn it with you.  Co-learning happens when staff and students teach themselves a topic together.