Okay, sounds great, but how much does Alcove cost?  

The short answer is:  However much you can afford.  Seriously.

The longer answer is:  Full tuition for the current version of the program is $16,000 a year, per child.  Which breaks down to $1,600 a month, over 10 months (for 9 months of programming).  But only some families pay full tuition.  Some families pay $100 per child.  Others pay $800.  If you want to join Alcove, just tell us how much you can afford to pay.  

We don't use a third-party service to look at your tax returns and come up with a suggested tuition contribution.  We trust you to talk openly with our staff about what your budget is, and we'll work together to find a figure that feels right for everybody.  We never, ever turn anyone away for financial reasons.  

How can we afford to do things this way?  Well, our overhead is relatively low.  We rely on specialists from our professional networks to teach things we can't.  And we save a ton of staff time by cutting out all the grading, testing, and busywork of a regular school.

Why do we use this financial model?  Because we honestly believe that self-directed learning should be a real option for anyone and everyone.  And because we value all the kinds of diversity that come along with socioeconomic diversity.