Join Us!

" for the bullied, the brilliant, the bored... "

If you're interested in joining Alcove, or even just starting a conversation about what that would look like, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to set up an initial consultation. Meanwhile, here's some basic information about the application process, cost, and benefits of membership to help guide your planning.

Joining Alcove is very straightforward. There are no elaborate forms to fill out or essays to write. If we currently have space in the program, we can meet up with your family to have an open-ended conversation about the prospective member's educational history, interests, goals, and so on. As a staff, we'll then try to determine whether we think Alcove would be a good fit, and get back to you quickly.

Alcove is a non-profit, so we mainly rely on member contributions (and some outside fundraising) to sustain our operations. There isn't really any set tuition or fee schedule, since every family's situation is different. We simply ask that members contribute what they can afford to, given the value of what Alcove provides, and the needs of the community as a whole.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Help registering and maintaining your status as a homeschooler in California

  • A long-term mentoring relationship with a core staff member at Alcove

  • Support to design and complete personal academic and artistic projects

  • Regular family updates and meetings with Alcove staff members

  • Complete access to all group electives, workshops, etc.

  • One-on-one tutorials and test prep

  • Use of our space from 9 to 4, M-F, for socializing and study

  • Help getting volunteer work, paying jobs, internships and/or apprenticeships

  • Guidance through the college application process

  • Support finding free or affordable classes and activities outside of Alcove

  • Long-term, wrap-around support for alumni and their families

  • Full access to our network of partner organizations in LA and elsewhere