Parent Support

Alcove isn't just for kids. We're here to support our parents and caregivers too. Raising self-directed learners is a subtle art. So Alcove offers regular staff consultations, reading groups, and parenting workshops. Not to mention a community of peers and plenty of ways to get involved in the life of our organization.


At least twice a term, mentors reach out to parents to schedule optional check-ins, where we can talk about how your kids are engaging with the program. These conversations are always two way streets, with opportunities for parents to offer feedback and make suggestions.

Office Hours

Every other week, one of our core staff members will hold open office hours for parents to drop by (or Zoom in) and chat about how everything's going. Having more frequent, less formal meetings on the calendar makes it easier for families to feel dialed in to their kids' education.


Throughout the year, Alcove hosts workshops for parents led by specialists in self-directed education, mental health, learning differences, and most importantly, parenting. We want to help you help your kids figure out how to get the most out of our program.

Reading Group

Our community is always educating itself on the practical, psychological, and political dimensions of unschooling. So once a month we get together to talk through the next chapter or two of whatever book we're excited about at the moment.


We're constantly struck by how universal the appeal of self-direction can be. Which means our community is remarkably diverse, despite its size. And because we're small, you'll find real solidarity and support among the membership.

Get Involved!

Our parents are actively involved in outreach, teaching, DEI, marketing, fundraising, and other aspects of Alcove's operations. Participation is always optional! But we welcome families to roll up their sleeves and make Alcove their passion project.

Half the country would probably be practicing self-directed learning right now, were it not for one limiting factor: fear. Of bucking mainstream education. Of going it alone. We're here to reassure you that you don't have to be afraid. Alcove and the Liberated Learners network are living proof that kids can flourish when they're empowered to forge their own paths.