Learning is natural

School is optional

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A true community

for folks 10-20

Self-directed learning is an empowering alternative to traditional education.  At Alcove, you decide what you really want to study and explore.  Then we just pave your way.  This isn't an after-school program, or extra work on top of everything else.  Alcove is a place to come instead of school.  A fundamentally different way through your second decade...

Our core belief is that the most meaningful learning always stems from your true interests and natural curiosity.  

So we created a place where young people can find the structure and support they need to actually design their own educations.

Alcove offers mentoring, classes, and community.  It's a gateway to college and career, rooted in personal freedom. 

Dear Parents, 

What do we want most for our kids?  What do we expect their schools to do for them?  Get them ready for the future?  Help them grow into resilient, self-motivated, big-hearted people?  Hard workers and happy campers?  How well has school served our kids so far?  How well did it serve you?  Is more school really the right answer?  Should we expect better?  Can we hope for more?

We think so.  The self-directed learning movement is gaining ground.  And it's starting to prove that if you empower a young person with your trust and confidence, they can quickly rise to the occasion.  Respecting a person's ability to think carefully about their own lives is often a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Alcove provides the infrastructure your family needs to make the leap and truly custom-tailor your child's education.

Dear Kids,

What do you actually care about?  What three things are you most interested in right now?  What if you could work on those things in the huge chunk of time usually set aside for school?  What if there were grownups around to help you figure out how?  What could you build?  Who would you become?  What life do you see for yourself and how are you going to get there?

Maybe you've gotten used to the idea that school is the best preparation for becoming an adult.  Or maybe it's the opposite.  Maybe you've never understood how memorizing the periodic table or analyzing epic poetry is going to get you where you want to go.  Maybe it's time to try something totally different.  Who knows where you'll end up.  But this life is so much more rewarding if you make your own way.